eGreen Blockchain backed
your road to be greener

eGreen embedded app,  runs inside your business App and rewards your customer green behavior, and  digital shift motivating them to team-up with you to reduce your business CO2 emissions. eGreen solution fits many industries. Business specially those with a broad base of customer can benefit of eGreen solution by offering their consumers points for their CO2 savings, helping them to shift to a digital low-energy lifestyle.

our Verticals


Running inside Airline App, eGreen Section calculates CO2 of passenger flight

Ground Transport

App on Buses, Coach or Taxi Fleet can monitor location, speed, etc. and estimate CO2 emitted


 eGreen help Telecom App to Shift users to digital services by rewarding them with points

our expertise

Tangle BlockChain

eGreen uses Tangle a Blockchain's next evolutionary step to streamline the process of buying and selling offsets. Companies will benefit from a blockchain network able to complete high volumes of transactions with almost no friction.


eGreen is the first real-world platform for trading carbon credits powered by blockchain. For a company that wants to pay to offset some of its emissions our Tangle technology simplify a process that can be complex.

Real Time Bidding

RTB is the buying and selling of ad impressions done in an instant auction. At any given moment, multiple advertisers can bid on a single impression of eGreen’s inventory. The winning ad is then shown to the user in the app.