About Us

Our Vision

“Transform the Internet into the first environmentally neutral global industry, enabling companies and customers to connect and commit together to the offset of carbon emissions enabled by eGreen tools”


Been Digital

Taking advantage of technology to mobilize the public, makes public welfare activities easier for companies. If everyone is involved, we can easily popularize a low-carbon lifestyle among company customers  

Green Projects

eGreen factors all emission from our customers and neutralize by investing in green initiatives around the world thanks to partnerships with “Reforest Patagonia” and others.



Head in the Cloud (by Good Business Friday 5 )

In the age of going “paperless” as the eco-friendly choice, it’s fair to say awareness of our digital energy footprint is pretty low. As well as the physical behaviors of […]

Carbon Isn’t Just A Danger–It’s Also An Opportunity

We can build a new carbon economy, which lowers the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while also delivering shared prosperity for a growing global population.

Apple Now Runs On 100% Green Energy

The most important thing about the company’s big renewable push might be that it’s bringing everyone–from suppliers to local utilities–along for the ride.